FOR SALE 4" red oval A grape kugel in excellent condition.   The silvering is excellent all over.   Note that there are a few grapes that show clear glass over the red glass that gives the piece its color.   This is correct in a kugel of this color.    A fabulous piece.  See pages 7.4 through 7.7 of the book for reference.

Bring back the nostalgia of the true meaning of Christmas with this example of the first glass objects ever made for use on a Christmas tree. Made in Germany in the 1880’s this is a true object d’art in both glass and the finely embossed brass cap and cast brass ring. A perfect gift for bringing back memories of ages past and Christmas at the grand home of a long lost loved one.

Please email me at for availability and pricing.   Item number 588.

Antique kugel christmas ornament for sale - red oval grape ( 588 )  A classic antique Christmas ornament for the most discerning collector of kugels.  #kugelobsession #antiquekugel #kugelsforsale #christmasornaments